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Love it or loathe it, this is the baffling tech vocab used to navigate and articulate an industry. To stay logged in, change your functional cookie settings. Passwordless authentication is a method of user verification where the user does not need to login to an application or website with a password. Instead, the user logins using a token delivered via text or email, fingerprint, magic link, or some other manner. This enhances security as it avoids the user using the same password for every application. Multi-factor Authentication, also known as MFA, is a type of security system that requires a user to verify their identity through more than one method of authentication.

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Regulated – a in which players are obliged to follow certain rules of risk fines and/or the loss of their operating licenses. Private key – A private key is essentially the password to your crypto holdings. It’s an impossibly long number that’s practically impossible to guess.

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We have used our taught curriculum to develop a whole school vocabulary spine which tackles word breadth and is based on the three vocabulary tiers. Selecting a region may change the language and promotional content you see on the Adobe Stock web site. Andy Wood trained with Ernst & Young in London and then worked with Grant Thornton in Manchester. He qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 2003 and, shortly afterwards became a member of STEP. Today he is an experienced tax adviser and barrister, and is founder and director of specialist tax advisory firm ETC Tax.

A data management platform is a tool that facilitates the collation and management of data from various sources including first, second and third party audience data. Once collated, the combined data set can be segmented and pushed out across wider channels. DMPs are a core tool for digital marketing as the large data set allows for refined audience targeting. Examples of DMPs include Salesforce, Adobe Audience Manager and Oracle. Crowdfunding occurs when an individual or company submit a request, generally via the internet, for monetary donations from the general public. The money raised then goes towards funding a project or venture.

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Mining – Bitcoin Vocabulary mining is the process of verifying cryptocurrency transactions using computer hardware. Bitcoin miners are volunteers motivated by the chance to earn an amount of newly minted Bitcoin. In doing so, they collectively validate transactions on the blockchain and prevent double spending. Graphics card – Verifying a transaction on a blockchain involves solving a cryptographic problem. Solving these problems requires significant computing power, which in turn uses significant amounts of energy. High-end graphics cards used in PC gaming have the kinds of processing power needed to validate transactions.

For more information, please see the Bitcoin whitepaper.BlockchainA decentralized, digital ledger where transactions made in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly. It is a common list of rules defining interactions between tokens, including transfer between addresses and data access.ERC-721A token standard for non-fungible Ethereum tokens. It runs smart contracts on a custom built blockchain that allows developers to create markets, store registries of debts, and so on. FIX systems transfer accurate and timely financial information concerning securities trades through and across security exchange houses.

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A digital fingerprint minimises the risk of tampering, as they are not reconstructable. The hash function is commonly used to produce a digital fingerprint. Deep learning takes vast, unstructured data and uses machine learning to process multiple layers. Deep learning continually analyses, similarly to the human brain.


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